'The Sitter' Exclusive Clip Premiere Q&A Live Stream Update

Re-visit Jonah Hill's Best MTV moments while you wait

We know you are as excited as we are to watch Jonah Hill introduce an exclusive clip from his new R-rated comedy "The Sitter," followed by a lengthy live sit-down interview with the man himself, but unfortunately due to some technical difficulties, the stream is delayed. Don't worry, we're doing everything possible to get back to the big event, in which Hill will talk all about his highly-anticipated film with MTV News' Josh Horowitz.

Before we get to the premiere of the clip and our chat with the funnman, here are a few primers to check out. First, take a walk down memory lane with one of our first encounters with Hill on the set of his first movie, "Accepted," which had Hill working alongside his real-life buddy Justin Long.

"You need one guy who weighs a little bit more than the other guy," Justin Long joked at the time of what made them a dynamic comedic duo. "I think that's the common thread."

"I wouldn't say we're the next Farley and Spade," cautioned Jonah Hill, Long's roommate at the time. "I would say we're the next Rosie O'Donnell and Madonna."

Hill of course went on to star in a slew of hit comedies like "Knocked Up," "Superbad" and "Funny People," our interviews about which you can revisit here.