Jonah Hill Debuts Exclusive 'Sitter' Clips: Watch Now!

Sneak peeks aren't exactly a glowing endorsement for Hill's childcare skills.

Although we've seen new sides of Jonah Hill's acting abilities via more dramatic performances in "Cyrus" and this year's well-received "Moneyball," fans of his work in R-rated comedies are likely excited to see him up to his old comedic tricks in the new movie "The Sitter."

MTV News was lucky enough to have Hill stop by for an exclusive chat about the film during "MTV First: The Sitter," during which he introduced not one, but two never-before-seen clips in front of a packed audience.

In the first clip, we meet Noah Jaybird (Hill) sitting in front of the TV while a phone rings in the background. "Mom, the phone's ringing," Noah calls to his mom, his eyes never leaving the TV. "Mom, the phone's ringing — can't you hear it?"

"Noah, can't you think about somebody else besides yourself for once?" his mom responds, coming down the stairs looking ready to go out and crossing the room to answer the phone.

"No, I totally was. That's way I said the phone was ringing," Noah says as his mother picks up the phone and receives disappointing news.

"I'm not going after all," she says sadly. "The Pedulas' sitter canceled last-minute," at which point she gives her son a very pointed, pleading look, hoping he'll step in and babysit so she can go out.

"What? Are you crazy? No. I'm not going to be a babysitter. I'm an adult man," Noah counters. "Babysitting sucks. Adult men do not babysit things."

"You're wonderful with children," his mom counters — cut to Noah standing outside the Pedula home and ringing the doorbell. A smiling, lovely Mrs. Pedula (Erin Daniels) appears, wearing a low-cut shirt that the camera zooms in on, as Noah stutters to say hello without being too obvious that he is staring at her chest.

"Hi! So, Dr. Pedula, he's still alive. You guys are still together?" he asks as he enters the home, at which point the clip ends.

Clip number two is set inside the Pedula home, in the colorful bedroom of a young girl, who looks to be in the middle of playing dress-up in that she is wearing a tiara, strings of pearls and too much makeup. Noah is meeting his new charge for the first time and not trying very hard to bond with her.

"Do you like to smell pretty?" the girl asks Noah, before spraying him in the face with perfume.

"Aaah! You got it right in my mouth! Why did you do that?" Noah asks, spitting out the perfume.

"You just spit on my carpet!" the girl protests.

"You just sprayed perfume in my mouth, what's your problem?" Noah says.

"My real babysitter, Nancy, she plays with me when she babysits, does what I want her to do," the girl responds, accusatorially.

"You know what? I'm going to let you in on a little secret: I'm not a real babysitter," Noah says.

"Shocking," the girl says sarcastically.

"I'm more of a sit-on-the-couch, eat a burrito, do whatever I say or I'll kill you type of babysitter. That's my style, you understand?" Noah threatens.

"Well, I'm going to wear sparkly things, shiny things and glittery stuff to make my favorite hot nightclub, OK?" the girl says to Noah, who mocks her statement and receives another spray of perfume in the face from her as punishment.

"Aaah! Motherf ... " Noah starts to say, when he is interrupted by Mrs. Pedula.

"Is everything OK in here?" Mrs. Pedula asks.

"What's up? No, I'm just hangin' with this little angel right here," he says, pointing to the sassy little perfume-sprayer.

"Yeah, we're just chillin'," she tells her mom, which ends the scene and the clip.

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