Is Trina Signing With Rick Ross?

'I'm really excited about just this whole new phase,' she says during 'RapFix Live.'

Is Trina going to be the next artist to sign with Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group?

During her visit to MTV News' "RapFix Live" on Wednesday, the Miami rap vixen didn't confirm or deny the rumors, but the evidence is pointing toward Da Baddest Bitch aligning with the Bawse. First off, Trina's new project will be her first since no longer being "affiliated" with longtime label home Slip-n-Slide Records.

"I'm currently in the studio working on my sixth album, which is amazing," Trina told MTV News. "It's my biggest priority right now. It's really major. I'm really excited. I'm really excited about who I'm working with. I'm really excited about just this whole new phase."

Who she is working with is what led many to believe Trina will be joining Wale, Pill, Meek Mill and others at MMG. "I have a few surprises," Trina added. "This album, I want to make it more about me. I'm not going to have a whole album full of features. I'm working with some really great producers and Ross, of course. He's the structure and the leader for the album. I love Ross. He's like my brother, so it's really important for me that he understands where I'm at right now and to help make this album be as great as I want it to."

The possibility of a Trina and Rick Ross alliance has been a long time coming. One of Ross' earliest recording appearances was as a guest artist on Trina's "Told Y'all" from 2002's All About the Benjamins Soundtrack. The two artists have also performed on the same dates recently. Although Trina wasn't with Ross the day he experienced two seizures while traveling to Memphis, she immediately reached out to check on his health.

"I was getting off a plane when I found out about it," Trina said. "I of course immediately reached out to him to make sure everything was OK and just to tell him to take a break, take it easy and take care of yourself."

When asked if she ever had conversations with Rozay about signing to MMG, all she said was, "We discuss a lot of things. We talk about a lot of stuff, so who knows?"

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