Justin Bieber Invited To Get Paternity Results On 'Maury'

'We are actively pursuing this story,' Maury Povich spokesperson says.

Justin Bieber will take a paternity test in two weeks to prove that he did not father a child with a fan who claims the pair had a backstage tryst. Now comes word that talk-show host Maury Povich wants to have the teen star appear on his show to share the results.

"We are actively pursuing this story," a Povich spokesperson told the Huffington Post. An additional source from the show tells the site that having Bieber participate with Povich and his talk show would be a big win for the daytime staple.

"This would be a huge TV event," Amy Rosenblum, former executive producer of "Maury," explained. "When I brought the DNA test to TV for the first time on 'Maury,' I had no idea it would still be as popular today as it was then. Maury is trusted by millions of viewers, and if Maury told Justin, 'You are not the father,' everyone would believe it."

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Bieber's camp has been adamantly insisting that Mariah Yeater's claims are false. "I can confirm that the team has proactively made arrangements for Justin to be tested upon his return and we're going to hold everyone who is involved responsible," Bieber's spokesperson, Matthew Hiltzik, told MTV News. Bieber is currently traveling the world promoting his album Under the Mistletoe.

Bieber visited the "Today"

show earlier this month, steadfastly denying he even knows Yeater. "I think it's crazy because every night after the show, I've gone right from the stage right to my car," he explained. "So it's crazy that some people want to make up some false allegations, but to set the record straight, none of it is true. Never met the woman."

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His statements mirror those made by Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta, Bieber's former tourmate, who told MTV News this week that it would be almost impossible for Bieber to make the time for a backstage encounter like the one Yeater claims took place.

"It wouldn't even be possible for her to get backstage," he said. "The security is so crazy there, you can't get backstage. And even if you got backstage, first of all, he leaves the show as soon as he's offstage, which is pretty cool. He runs offstage, gets in a car and jets, because the whole city turns into chaos."

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