Robert Pattinson Calls Fulfilling Fans' Fantasies 'Easy'

'I can fulfill people's sexual fantasy expectations without even thinking about it,' he jokes about 'Breaking Dawn' sex scene.

Of all the scenes to be excited about seeing adapted from Stephenie Meyer's book to the big screen when "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" opens on November 18, fans have made no effort to hide the fact that they are dying to see the "honeymoon scene" above all others.

When MTV News caught up with Robert Pattinson recently during the press day for the film, we asked him if he felt pressure from fans to really deliver on the highly anticipated romantic moment.

"Yeah, but at the same time no. That's the one time where I have felt kind of like the coolest person," Pattinson admitted with a laugh. "This is easy! I can fulfill people's sexual fantasy expectations without even thinking about it, piece of cake. That isn't acting," he joked.

"The only thing [that was difficult] is the vanity aspect," Pattinson continued. "Taylor [Lautner] just ruined the whole series for me. As soon as he buffed up, I went, 'Well, I'm throwing in the towel' on 'New Moon.' "

All joking aside, Pattinson recently admitted that he took a half page or so out of Lautner's training book in order to prep for his shirtless scenes in the film.

"I didn't eat any candy and I didn't drink any beer for a while," Pattinson said of his health-conscious prep. "I went kind of nuts. Me and Kristen [Stewart] went nuts working out, because we hadn't worked out for any of [the previous films]," he admitted.

"I had it for, like, two weeks," he said of his abs, with Stewart agreeing and adding that they gave up being healthy immediately after their skin-showing scenes were wrapped.

"As soon as I didn't have to be shirtless anymore, [my good habits were] gone immediately," Pattinson continued. "During [filming in] Brazil, the day before I had to do my shirtless scene, I realized [my abs] weren't as good as Taylor's, so I just ate every bit of chocolate in the minibar. I started eating cheeseburgers and stuff."

Pattinson also shared his, let's say, intimate experiences filming the love scene. "I just ended up thinking purely about vanity things. You're sitting there in a little g-string. ... They give me a big g-string, but it was too small for me. It was like old ham."

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