'Immortals' Is Not 'Just A Guy Movie,' Henry Cavill Says

'It's a visual spectacle, and the 3-D only adds to that,' actor says of film, in theaters Friday.

For lovers of big-budget, sweeping Greek hero-based epics, the stylized, intense and slightly foreboding promotional campaign for "Immortals" should have already convinced you to get thee to a theater stat when the film opens on Friday. However, for those who might shy away from blood and gore, the stars of the film insist there is a lot more going on in "Immortals" than in typical testosterone-fueled swords-and-sandals flicks.

"People are going to think it's just a guy movie. It's gonna be all just about violence and it is just for guys," Henry Cavill, who plays demi-god Theseus, told MTV News recently. "This is entirely different. This has that very strong aspect, which all guys are going to love, the sort of blood and gore and swords and fighting, but it's so beautifully done. This is Tarsem Singh we're talking about here, it's a visual spectacle, and the 3-D only adds to that.

"I will say in the past I've been skeptical of [3-D, but] after seeing this, the technology has come along so far. This is incredible, and all the violence in the movie, if people don't like that, it's actually art-ified," he explained. "It becomes a 'beautific' ballet of blood if you will. That all aside, it's an incredible love story as well. You often think of these Greek epics — it skirts over all that stuff — but you've got an incredibly hardened man who's hardened his heart to anything at this stage, and there's a woman who manages to soften him so much so that he starts to think of things which he's never even considered in the past."

Cavill's co-stars were equally enthusiastic in their recommendations.

"It's like nothing I've ever seen," Luke Evans, who plays Zeus, added. "Like Henry said, Tarsem at the helm with his imagination and his enthusiasm and his ideas, it just married so well with what he was doing and the final production. The values of it are just incredible, and we've got this 3-D thing and it just comes alive, it really does."

"I think it's a different take on the whole Greek mythology and that's going to be the biggest surprise," Freida Pinto, who plays the "chosen" oracle Phaedra, said. "Visually it's not like anything, it's not like any of the big-budget action-packed films that you've seen before."

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