Cobra Starship Plan 'Cheeky' Video For 'Middle Finger'

'A lot of cheekiness and no middle fingers,' frontman Gabe Saporta promises of Mac Miller-featuring clip.

Cobra Starship threw a dance party with Sabi in their "You Make Me Feel ... " video, but the group has some much different plans for their "Middle Finger" clip.

Despite the song's title, however, Cobra frontman Gabe Saporta promised not one middle finger will be raised in the clip.

"A lot of cheekiness and no middle fingers," he promised. "Even though the song is called 'Middle Finger,' no middle fingers. I think the video is going to be like you'd expect the whole thing to be like: an 'eff you' to everyone, but really it's about us trying to turn a new leaf and become Good Samaritans."

The track itself — which features up-and-coming MC Mac Miller and is from Cobra's album Night Shades — is a funky, poppy dance tune about flipping off haters and having a good time. So the planned Australian shoot should be a perfect fit for the sun-kissed track.

"We're going Down Under, which is my favorite thing to do, because it's going to be summer there when it's winter here," Saporta said.

The video shoot comes just weeks after the band wrapped an opening slot on Justin Bieber's My World Tour. It was a moment that stands out for Saporta in a pretty great year for his band.

"We were playing, like, 50,000-people stadiums," Saporta said of the South American jaunt. "It was insane, and I'm from South America too, so for me, it was especially satisfying. I gotta say, for being the most famous kid in the universe, he's remarkably well-adjusted, and ... there's like 75 people traveling with him. It feels like a family, and it was really nice to be a part of that family for a bit of time."

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