Justin Bieber Will Take Paternity Test In Two Weeks

Star's spokesperson confirms to MTV News a test has been scheduled.

As soon as Justin Bieber returns from a European promotional jaunt in two weeks he will take a paternity test to prove that he did not father a child with a fan who has claimed the pair had a backstage tryst.

Bieber's spokesperson, Matthew Hiltzik, confirmed for MTV News that the test has been scheduled. "I can confirm that the team has proactively made arrangements for Justin to be tested upon his return and we're going to hold everyone who is involved responsible." Bieber, 17, has denied that he is the father of accuser Mariah Yeater's four-month-old child and his team has promised legal action following the results of the test.

"It's sad that someone would fabricate malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claims," Hiltzik said in a statement. "We'll vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to protect Justin and to hold those involved with bringing this suit accountable for their actions."

Bieber — who was a big winner at the MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday night with wins for Best Pop and Best Male — appeared on the "Today" show on Friday to promote his just-released Christmas album, Under the Mistletoe, and addressed the situation. "I'd just like to say, basically, that none of those allegations are true," he told Matt Lauer. "I know I'm going to be a target, but I'm never going to be a victim."

Bieber explained on "Today" that the logistics of her claim don't fit with his hectic schedule. "I think it's crazy because every night after the show, I've gone right from the stage right to my car," he explained. "So it's crazy that some people want to make up some false allegations, but to set the record straight, none of it is true. Never met the woman."

It was also reported last week that the incident could spark a statutory rape investigation by Los Angeles police because the woman was 19 years old at the time and Bieber was allegedly 16.

After he returns to the U.S. on November 17, Bieber will visit "Today" again on November 23 to perform a concert on the morning show. He is also slated to sit down with the ladies of "The View" that day.