'Twilight' Trio Talk Sex, Compare Abs On 'MTV First'

For the return of 'Twilight' Tuesdays, we look at the greatest hits from our chat with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

Hey, "Twilight" fans, this one's for you: MTV News is very happy to announce the return of "Twilight" Tuesdays, a weekly column dedicated to anything and everything popping in the world of Bella, Edward and Jacob.

Each week, we'll bring you something new about the films, whether it's via the stars themselves, photos, clips or, even better, something from you, the fans. The next few weeks will be almost entirely focused on the impending release of "Breaking Dawn - Part 1," but we'll hopefully break into new, exclusive, undiscovered territory very soon.

First up is a highlight reel from "MTV First: Breaking Dawn," in which Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner let loose with us for a meaty Q&A. There were so many great moments between the three young actors that we decided to put together our favorites for your viewing pleasure.

Kristen Squirms Reliving First MTV Interview

MTV was one of the only outlets allowed access on the set of "Twilight," and we snagged one of the first-ever interviews with superstars-to-be Stewart and Pattinson. Upon hearing that we were going to show Stewart a clip from this interview, in which she and Pattinson joke about what impressed her about him, she had a mini-meltdown, complete with squeals and pacing in front of her chair.

Rob and Kristen Talk Sex Scene

As we book readers well know, there's a pretty intense sex scene in "Breaking Dawn," and everyone wants to know how they shot it for the big-screen adaptation. Well, we asked about it, and Pattinson's responses will likely go down in history as some of his best quotes: "I was sitting there in a little G-string," he said of the flesh-colored undergarment he wore during the filming of the scene, which Stewart confessed she "wasn't too into" and said it required a lot of acting on her part to pretend she was hot for the young man in the "little G-string." "It was like old ham," Pattinson then added, inexplicably. Like we said, history-making comments there

Rob Scoffs At Taylor Ab Comparison

Eventually, the conversation turned to a favorite subject among "Twilight" fans: Pattinson and Lautner's abs. The question was posed to Pattinson about whether he did any prep for his half-naked scenes in "Breaking Dawn," since in the past, we've heard plenty about Lautner's disciplined workouts and dieting. While Pattinson did admit to some working out and not eating candy for a two-week stretch during filming, he was immediately distracted when he saw we had put up a side-by-side photo comparison of the two leading men. "This is so unfair doing a comparison," Pattinson protested. "Everyone says I painted on my abs in ['New Moon'] — I did not! Taylor has his painted on too!" he accused with a laugh. "What?" Lautner responded. "What are you talking about? I don't understand this."

Rob Has Borrowed Kristen's iPod?

During a round of rapid-fire Twitter questions, the gang was asked to reveal the most-played song on his or her iPod. Stewart was slow to respond, so Pattinson said he'd be happy to answer for her, which Stewart didn't seem to think he'd be able to get right. After a bit of whispering and not-so-quiet mumbling, Pattinson announced that Stewart's go-to music is anything by songbird Jenny Lewis (who, for those who don't know, is a former child star whose film classics include "Troop Beverly Hills" and "The Wizard." Add them to your Netflix queue, stat).

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