50 Cent Says Rick Ross Rivalry Is Battle, Not Beef

'He wanted to create an awareness for himself, and he did it,' 50 tells MTV News at 'Playground' book signing.

For 50 Cent, battling and beefing in hip-hop are two distinctly different things. Despite his 2009 rivalry with Rick Ross, 50 said he doesn't feel the two have a beef.

After Rozay suffered two separate seizures in October, Fif responded via Twitter when a fan asked him, "Any words for Rick Ross?" "Yeah he gotta take care of his self," the G-Unit rapper commented, later writing, "I don't wish DEATH on him my grand father had a seizure."

At an October book signing for his new anti-bullying book, "Playground," in New York, 50 told MTV News, "You shouldn't wish that on anyone."

50 said he believes Ross started the feud to raise his own rap profile: "He says it started because I looked at him the wrong way," Fif recalled of an incident on the red carpet for the 2009 BET Awards. "That just means he wanted to compete, he wanted to move up, he wanted to create an awareness for himself, and he did it."

While the two did trade insults, specifically on Rozay's "Mafia Music" and Fif's "Officer Ricky," the G-Unit general said he didn't take the barbs personally, and in his mind, the two had a battle — not a beef. "This is why they changed the terminology from 'battling' to 'beefing.' It was always that battling was a part of the culture; they didn't do that until Tupac and Biggie Smalls' situation," he said. "That's when it became taboo to actually mention an artist's name."

On November 1, Ross appeared on BET's "106 & Park" and addressed 50's tweets: "If it was genuine, I appreciate it, and if that's the case, I thank you homey."

Did 50 Cent and Rick Ross have a battle or a beef? Is there a difference? Sound off below!