Breathe Carolina Call Hell Is What You Make It 'Eclectic'

MTV Push Artist of the Week's July album is gaining steam on radio.

The two guys of Colorado electronic-rock outfit Breathe Carolina have this message for their fans: Hell Is What You Make It.

Their album of that name, which dropped back in July, has started to pick up steam with music lovers, and the guys hope fans — both new and old — really immerse themselves in the LP.

"It's amazing, honestly. I think getting the opportunity, that's the best part. To be able to say, 'Here.' I hope people get to dive into the record a little bit and really see who we are," Kyle Even told MTV News when they stopped by the newsroom a few weeks back. "[The single] 'Blackout' is one song that we created. We're very eclectic, and we definitely do whatever we want. I think you'll find that out as you go through our catalog of songs and see who we are and where we came from."

The guys approached the album in a whole new way, helping shape the sound for the aggressive release. "This album was different with the writing process, because we wrote it with our whole band that we play live with," David Schmitt said. "That was awesome, having their minds in the writing process. The first two records, it was just me and Kyle. We found a producer in [Ian] Kirkpatrick, and it didn't seem like we were working. He made it huge for us."

The buzz should continue to grow for the pair: They are MTV's Push Artist of the Week, and starting next month, they'll hit the road, playing small clubs all over the country.

"It's cool just reaching a new audience now too with the radio stuff," Schmitt said. "I feel like it's brought Breathe Carolina to other ears that may not have heard it."

Listening to the album, it's clear the guys have one mission, which Even explained to us: "Making people move — that's our favorite part about writing that kind of music," Even said. "We get to get out there and move some people, like, literally sometimes we'll get in the crowd. We'll get rowdy."

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