Evanescence Tour Openers Rival Sons 'Real Dirty'

Amy Lee tells MTV News the band is 'Zeppelin, trippy, awesome rock.'

A few weeks back, MTV News caught up with Taylor Momsen from the Pretty Reckless about life on the road with Evanescence. This week, we grabbed some time with Evanescence's other opening act, Rival Sons.

The four-man "dirty rock" band invited us into the tour's empty equipment truck only moments before they took the stage at New York City's Terminal 5 concert space.

Having formed three years ago in Southern California, lead singer Jay Buchanan said, "We had a common likeness of a good type of rock and roll that we wanted to play."

More specifically, guitarist Scott Holiday explained, "We describe it as rock that hasn't forgotten the roll. It's real dirty. It's real raw."

Their blues-rock look and sound, which you can observe for yourself with their catchy single and cool video for "Pressure and Time" off their latest album of the same name, caught the attention of Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee, who handpicked the band as an opener for their latest tour.

"Rival Sons: Actually, we picked because we really like their music," Amy Lee recently told MTV News. "[It's] sort of in that Zeppelin, trippy, awesome rock. They're really good!"

Having been on tour for the past month, Rival Sons have had plenty of interaction with the popular headliners.

"It's an honor to look over side-stage and see Amy is dancing," drummer Mike Miley gushed. "It's like, 'Holy cow!' "

Though their blues sound differs significantly from Evanescence's more heavy-metal rock, all members of Rival Sons agree that their set is being very well-received.

"Is it strange to see a dirty rock and roll band opening for Evanescence?" Holiday asked rhetorically. "We probably think it is, but the band watches us every night. They're a bunch of great people, and the fans have been great to us the whole time."

Buchanan added, "You come in with the advantage of being totally underestimated. You're guilty until proven innocent."

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