Beyonce And Jay-Z Expecting A Baby Girl?

Kelly Rowland seemingly let the news slip on a red carpet in London.

Are [artist id="1236911"]Beyoncé[/artist] and [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist] expecting a baby girl? Well, according to one of Bey's closest friends, the answer is "yes."

While in London to attend the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards on Thursday, it was none other than Beyoncé's former Destiny's Child mate Kelly Rowland who let it be known — rather inadvertently, it would seem — that the high-powered couple would be having a girl.

"I'm so happy for my sister and her husband. They're so happy in this moment right now, as they should be. They made a little bundle of love. I'm so excited for them," Rowland told U.K. news agency Bang Showbiz. "I have no idea what I'm going to buy Beyoncé at the baby shower because Jay is going to buy that little girl every single thing possible. She won't be spoiled, but she will be very well looked-after."

So there you have it. Of course, there's yet to be an official statement from the couple, and a spokesperson for Beyoncé did not respond to MTV News' request for comment on the matter.

Last month, Rowland told MTV News that she was excited "to be an auntie" to the couple's child and added that she can't wait to babysit. And assuming she hasn't been placed on Jayoncé's blacklist for letting the information slip, Rowland also told Bang Showbiz she's planning to make herself available to help out the couple as much as possible.

"I'll be on hand for babysitting duties," she said. "And I'm actually very good with messy diapers."