Katy Perry, Diego Luna Break Up In 'One That Got Away' Tease

Preview clip for Perry's Teenage Dream ballad hints at '11.11.11' release date.

For anyone wondering who Katy Perry is pining over on her song "The One That Got Away," it seems the video may have the answer. The songstress has enlisted Mexican movie star Diego Luna to play the male lead.

In a teaser posted by the singer, Luna and Perry embrace and share longing looks and some flirty moments as a voice narrates the story. "The past is like a handful of dust," the voice-over says. "It filters through your fingers, disappearing little by little."

Of course, it's not all romantic: As a car zooms down a highway, a montage of the good and the bad times — there's fighting and Luna leaving Perry behind — helps tease a bit more about their love affair. "I wish, for one day, I could go back," the voice-over continues, "In another life, I would do things differently."

At the end of the preview, the date "11/11/11" flashes, signifying a possible release date for the video. (A rep for the singer hadn't responded to MTV News' request for confirmation by press time.)

"I'm so pleased to select 'The One That Got Away' as my sixth single because this song shows a very different side of me that I haven't shown with my past singles on this record. I think that everyone can relate to this song," Perry has previously said about the Teenage Dream ballad. "I wrote this song about when you promise someone forever, but you end up not being able to follow through. It's a bittersweet story — hopefully, the listener learns from hearing it and never has to say they had 'The One' get away."

It's certainly an on-trend video idea to use sweeping story lines to help shape the visual elements of tracks about the ups and downs of love. Joe Jonas made a similar move for his Parisian-set clip for "Just in Love With You" and Rihanna also explored some more serious story lines for her racy "We Found Love" clip.

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