Lil Wayne Producer Inspired By Nirvana For Rebirth II

'I'm bringing it back with a new sound,' Detail tells Mixtape Daily of finding inspiration in the past.

Behind the Beats: Detail

Though he is currently sitting atop the rap game, Lil Wayne transcends hip-hop. He flirted with rock early on, picking up the guitar for his "Leather So Soft" video with Birdman and again in his 2008 clip for "Lollipop." But it was his 2010 rock-inspired Rebirth album that really stretched the boundaries.

In October, on the set of


all-laughs-on-video-set/">Birdman's "Y.U. Mad" video, Young Money president Mack Maine told MTV News of Wayne's plans for a second rock LP. During the same sit-down, "How to Love" producer Detail spoke about his inspiration for crafting the tracks for Tunechi's Rebirth II.

"I've been listening to Nirvana, I've been listening to Pink Floyd," he told Mixtape Daily. "The zone I've been goin' in on this sh--, I'm bringing it back, back, back, back with a new sound."

Detail, who recently produced Bow Wow's "Sweat," is clearly not against finding inspiration in the past. Addressing any skeptics, the Detroit hitmaker promises that he will add his own unique twist. "We all get everything from the past musically, everything has been done already, so for me it's just taking those elements that I could ride in my car and enjoy and bring it back to something new," he said.

According to Mack, Weezy is not only working on Rebirth II but is actually at least 12 songs into his upcoming I Am Not a Human Being II as well. For the YM prez it is Wayne's ability to cross genres that makes him such a draw. "He captures all those different audiences, and then at a concert or a show, you bring all those different people together," Mack explained. "You bring your Rebirth rock people, you bring your Carter people and you bring your I Am Not a Human Being [crowd], and you have a great show. That's why we sell out arenas every night."

There is currently no release date for either LP, and when MTV News asked Wayne, he downplayed both albums. "I Am Not a Human Being II and Rebirth II are so not important right now," Tune said. "We got Twist coming, we got Tyga coming, and then we have Shanell coming, then we got Bow Wow — that's what's really important. What I'm doing is really never important, actually. I'm a very unimportant guy. It's just me."

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