'Breaking Dawn' Is 'Extreme,' Robert Pattinson Says

'There's definitely a version of this movie that's a hard-R rating, possibly even NC-17,' he says during 'MTV First.'

"Breaking Dawn" and its infamous birth scene have become synonymous at this point, and it's almost impossible to discuss the book or the upcoming film without touching on it.

Naturally, it was a point of conversation during "MTV First: Breaking Dawn" with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. After an exclusive clip from the film premiered on MTV, the cast took a chance to answer some fan questions, and it wasn't long before the birth scene came up in conversation.

For Pattinson in particular, filming the scene was a mixed bag. He told MTV News' Josh Horowitz that filming was "equal parts [silly and bizarre]. There were some moments that were so incredibly extreme, and there's definitely a version of this movie that's a hard-R rating, possibly even NC-17."

Stewart agreed and touched on recent news reports that an early cut of the film received an R rating. "I think it's been talked about. We got an R rating for a few things that needed to be toned down, so we are at the cusp," Stewart said. "We really did push it as far as it goes."

Filming "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" wasn't all gruesome scenes of vampire children bursting out of the womb. Pattinson said that despite the seriousness of some scenes, others had him busting a gut with laughter. "There were some scenes that were some of the funniest things I've had to do in this entire series, like, crying with laughter," Pattinson said.

Lautner had a scene of his own that, while not quite as intense as the birth scene, definitely had an effect on the actor. When Horowitz asked about the imprinting scene between Jacob and Renesmee, Lautner offered a quick "Don't even go there," and went on to describe the scene as difficult. "I'm really happy with how it turned out, but on the day, it was tough. I literally had an X on a wall, and I had to look at this X and imprint," Lautner said.

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