'X Factor' Ladies Debate Who Loves Justin Bieber Most

'I can honestly say that I am more obsessed with Justin Bieber than Drew is,' InTENsity's Emily Michalak tells MTV News backstage.

Justin Bieber may not have visited the "X Factor" set this week, but that doesn't mean the contestants didn't contract a serious case of Bieber Fever.

On Tuesday night, Bieber did make his way to "Dancing With the Stars," which shares a lot with the reality singing competition, and a handful of the "X Factor" top 12 hoped to see the teen star. One of those obsessed few included Drew, who has been a Belieber since day one of the "X Factor."

"We love him so much," Drew told MTV News backstage — a long way from her first audition, where she proclaimed her Bieber love.

She wasn't the only member of Team Simon going crazy for Bieber: Fellow fan Rachel Crow, who got some rave reviews on the show this week, was also hoping to get some face time with the singer, who has been making the promo rounds for his new holiday album, Under the Mistletoe.

"We love Justin Bieber, but we didn't get to meet him," Rachel recalled. "People were trying so hard, like, 'Why can't we get Justin here?' I got to take a picture in front of his car, though."

And it wasn't just any car. "It was so cool!" Rachel gushed. "Isn't it awesome? It's bejeweled! I want to meet him so bad," she added, before explaining just why they couldn't make it happen. "They made up an excuse about how they were competing shows. [I was] so upset."

Drew and Rachel are definitely not alone on the "X Factor" set. One of the members of InTENsity has this message for the ladies: "I can honestly say that I am more obsessed with Justin Bieber than Drew is," Emily Michalak said. "I can honestly say so. Just because they aired on TV that she's obsessed doesn't mean that I'm not."

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