Mac Miller's 5-Year Plan: Grammys, Nobel Peace Prize

Rapper jokes that his dreams for the future include 'a mustache, a lot of money ... a bunch of ridiculous things I don't need.'

"Do they have gefilte fish?"

A tired, always genial and very funny Mac Miller took a break from his what-seems-like-forever-long nationwide tour to come to New York to handle some promotional affairs. His debut LP, Blue Slide Park, drops November 8. Staring wide-eyed at the menu for legendary Lower East Side Jewish eatery Katz's Delicatessen, the "half-Jewish" Miller is awestruck by all the fare.

Unfortunately, they don't have his appetite's desire, and instead we tuck into deli standards: corned beef, pastrami and a bowl of matzo ball soup. And with that, our "date" snowballs into a conversation ranging from what he likes to do when he's not rapping to his joining the fraternity of famous Jewish rappers (he's quick to shout out MC Serch of '80s rap group 3rd Bass, who "wrote some very nice words" about him in Complex) to ... Rosie O'Donnell.

Well, we can add a bit of context to that last one. When asked about his five-year plan (as many a lady on a first date are wont to ask their potential partners), he tongue-in-cheekily explained that he'd like to enter 2016 "hopefully with a mustache, a lot of money — a lot of money — a bunch of ridiculous things I don't need, and some awards ... Grammys, Nobel Peace Prize ... any awards show hosted by Rosie O'Donnell."

And frankly, some of those dreams and accolades won't be that far a stretch for the 19-year-old Pittsburgh native in the coming weeks, as he's got an army of fans willing to help him further his dream — a bond that's not lost on him.

When I asked at the end of our meal how I can get in touch with him again, he asked if I followed him on Twitter. I replied yes, to which he proudly exclaimed: "You and a million other people."