Kim Kardashian Divorce Lawsuit Is 'Deadly Serious'

'I desire for American people to have better television to watch,' comedian Rob Delaney says of suing over Kim's split with Kris Humphries.

Comedian/plaintiff Rob Delaney wants you to know that his lawsuit against Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, E! and Comcast is no laughing matter.

Delaney told MTV News on Tuesday that while he has never filed a lawsuit before, he is feeling confident via the support he's received since announcing his plans to sue over Kardashian's impending divorce from Kris Humphries.

"I've never sued anyone before. I've never been sued, but I'm against frivolous lawsuits, of course," he said. "It took something deadly serious for me to come out of the woodwork and mount this case. Ever since I announced, I've had numerous lawyers offer their support pro bono, and in America, you can kind of do whatever you want with the law. Michelle Bachmann is a lawyer, the Supreme Court decided [the presidency] in 2000, so there's a tradition here that I feel supports me. The Supreme Court, for example would be behind me."

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And although Delaney has plenty of supporters, there are also those who might accuse him of grandstanding for publicity purposes and hitching his cause to a media storm. Delaney has a thoughtful response to the naysayers:

"Are people accusing me of [staging] a PR stunt? Absolutely, and that's valid. When I hear that, I'm not like, 'What are you talking about?' I get it. I'm a comedian, and this is happening on a television, so sure, I'm happy to draw attention to it, but if the comedy were chocolate, because we just had Halloween, the coating, the nougat of this matter is my true love for humanity and Kim Kardashian herself," he promised. "Again, I don't hate her, I want her to be married and happy, and I desire for American people to have better television to watch."

All things considered, Delaney's case is a bit grandiose. It's very likely that even the most skilled lawyers would not have very high hopes for his chances at a victory or acknowledgment in court. This is a fact Delaney knows full well but hopes his crusade might help just one person change his/her television viewing habits.

"I'm not totally insane, so I know that this might not come to fruition exactly how I envision it," he said. "But if we can get a few more people, if we can get a 12-year-old girl watching ['Keeping Up With the Kardashians'] to think, 'You know what? Kim Kardashian is a very awful role mode and I shouldn't watch that show.' Literally, if one girl in, let's say, North Dakota, sees this and says that, then we won. That's worth more than $18 million, certainly."

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