'Harold And Kumar': Greatest Movie Bromance Ever?

'We are without a doubt the best Korean-Indian stoner comedy duo in cinematic history,' actor John Cho says.

In the spirit of Hollywood's greatest cinematic duos — Butch and Sundance, Laurel and Hardy, Batman and Robin, Woody and Buzz — there is a solid argument that lovable stoners Harold and Kumar have a place among those greats.

With a third film, "A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas," opening this Friday, MTV News caught up with the men behind the duo in question, John Cho and Kal Penn, to find out where they think they rank in the canon of cinema's best bromances.

"This is a very rich tradition that we are tapping into, so there is a long line of people in ahead of us," Cho said. "Cheech and Chong to start off, and Hope and Crosby and Laurel and Hardy and the Three Stooges. I mean there is such a long list of bro comedy [duos]."

"Yeah, these are all people that we admire hugely," Penn agreed. "We obviously rank much lower than those dudes but we don't know how far below."

"Who are we better than?" Cho asked Penn.

"I don't know," Penn responded.

"We are without a doubt the best Korean-Indian stoner comedy duo in cinematic history," Cho decided.

Their equally amusing co-stars Neil Patrick Harris and Tom Lennon agree that Cho and Penn, as Harold and Kumar, definitely have a special place in film history.

"I think that Harold and Kumar fit in sort of the 'Swingers' mentality," NPH offered.

"I guess I'd put them up there with Hope and Crosby," Lennon said. "Like if Hope and Crosby had an adventure where penises were out all the time and everyone was super, super high, and then a bunch of nuns took a shower, and then Neil Patrick Harris had a weird sex scene with naked angels and stuff like that. And I don't mean the theater company Naked Angels, I mean actual angels with their boobs out. It's like the spirit of Hope and Crosby on a ton of drugs. You know, wandering around doing kind of perverted/creepy inappropriate stuff."

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