'Jersey Shore' Housemates 'Excited' For Season Five

Snooki, Pauly D, Deena and Vinny tease January 5 return to Seaside Heights, including Staten Island star's (brief) exit from MTV series.

"Jersey Shore" fans, start fist-pumping! Along with resolutions and champagne, the New Year promises a whole new season of Seaside fun as the housemates are set to return to New Jersey following their European getaway in Florence, Italy.

Season five of the "Shore" premieres on Thursday, January 5, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Over the summer, the roommates went straight from the cobblestone streets of Italy to the Seaside Heights boardwalk, where shooting for the fifth run of the series took place. And from the sound of things, they brought all of the drama and the fun with them.

"All of us became so close," Deena told MTV News earlier this year of their time in Italy. "So here, it really was like we were brothers and sisters. You get annoyed with each other, then you're fine. But you'll see, we had a lot of fun in Jersey; we had so much fun, we were home, we were comfortable."

Snooki teased of their return to Jersey, "We were back home with our friends, we got to see our family and there are parts where we got tired of each other, but overall we had an awesome time together."

"Jersey's gonna be another good season. I'm excited about that," Deena added.

Of course, summertime at the Jersey Shore can get a bit tiring — just ask Vinny, who left the house during filming on season 5 to steal some alone time. But fear not "Jersey Shore" fans, he does return!

"Sometimes people have left in the past for different reasons. Everyone has a different reason for doing it," Vinny told us. "We do this 24 hours a day and sometimes you just reach a point where you're like, 'You know, I need to take a break. I wish can stay straight through, but I need to take a break.' I got up to that point where I need to take a little break for myself and then recharge a little bit, and when I felt comfortable enough to come back, I did. And everyone trusted in my decision because usually I'm pretty grounded."

While the housemates were understanding, it was hardest on Vinny's best friend, DJ Pauly D.

"We all have our different ways to [deal] with this," Pauly explained. "Sometimes it's tough being on camera 24/7 and filming for such a long time. But, like, him and I get along almost like brothers at this point, he's like my best friend. I feel like I'm his light and he's my light, so when he left, I felt like I had to get him back because I wanted my light back. But I had to give him his space, almost like a relationship. But he had no choice — I was bringing him back anyway."

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