'X Factor' Exclusive: Bieber Fever Hits Rehearsals

MTV News' Jim Cantiello takes us backstage as the top 12 prepare to perform.

MTV News' own Jim Cantiello is exclusively covering "The X Factor" rehearsals. Read on for his fly-on-the-wall backstage report!

Bieber Fever has hit the halls of "X Factor"! On Tuesday, when Justin Bieber was performing on neighboring production "Dancing With the Stars," all the teenage "X Factor" ladies were on a mission to meet the Biebz.

It seemed like a no-brainer to orchestrate a Drew/Justin meet-up — her audition was all about how obsessed she is with him — which sparked a smidge of jealousy from the other teen contestants. One even playfully griped overdramatically, "But I'm a bigger fan than she is!" All the backstage drama was for naught: Drew didn't get to meet Bieber after all.

Also spotted Tuesday: Senior "X Factor" producers whistling and catcalling at a shirtless Derek Hough, who was rehearsing his "Dancing" results-show routine in the CBS hallways. Derek was unfazed.

Inside the house, Nicole Scherzinger was sitting in on the girls' rehearsals, even though she's mentoring the Over 30s. Was she scoping out the competition? Where was girls' mentor Simon? Turns out, Cowell sat in for Nicole's category, since she was overseas performing on the U.K. "X Factor" when her singers were booked to rehearse. Simon joked backstage: "Her Over 30s were relieved to have me."

As showtime approached, the expected last-minute wardrobe tweaks were in full effect. One group was spotted getting magic tape applied to their glamorous footwear to prevent slippage. (Am I evil for hoping that they fall on live TV anyway? I love a good spill.)

Two weeks into the live shows, the contestants are still getting along swimmingly. They're so comfortable with one another that one of the girls was able to have a pretend diva fit over being jealous about one contestant's over-the-top set piece, and everyone could laugh about it. We'll see if the chummy vibe continues as the competition heats up, especially now that the singers' fates are in voters' hands. Eek!

And here's a little tidbit: Keep your eyes peeled for one of the male contestants' arms tonight. In his (little) free time, he ran to a local tattoo parlor for new ink!

Happy viewing!

You can catch Jim on the "X Factor Pepsi Pre-Show," streaming at 7 p.m. ET tonight on TheXFactorUSA.com!