'Glee'-Cap: Newbie Rory Brings 'Pot O' Gold'

Damian McGinty stops by to critique our Gleek's Irish folk song.

In Tuesday night's "Pot O' Gold" episode of "Glee," McKinley High welcomed a new foreign exchange student, Rory (Damian McGinty), which inspired MTV News' resident Gleek to write an Irish folk song in his honor. The new guy was great, and "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" was a jolt of excitement, but in the end, did the oddball custody battle, distracting Congressional race and eyebrow-raising Puck/Shelby romance suggest that the third season might be hitting the same uneven patches that plagued season two? At the very least, viewers had next week's steamy promo to drool over.

Sing along to our latest musical "Glee"-cap!

Family, friends and fellow Gleeks

Come gather 'round for a story

About a kind young Irish lad

Who goes by the name of Rory

He doesn't fit in

Despite being

Under Finn's wing

But, boy, can he sing

He's good for a wish

Wants Brittany to kiss

His place of bliss

Instead, he's dismissed

Mercedes recruits

Santana the brute

Who threatens the cute

New Irish suit

He ain't so keen

On being green

And Brittany careens

Into Shelby's routines

[Damian enters, coughs. The music stops]

Damian: "Jim, that's the worst Irish accent I've ever heard. It's offensively bad. You know the Lucky Charms guy? It's even worse than that."

Jim: "Um. I ... Sorry."

Damian: "Thanks for making me feel welcome, you jerk."

Jim: "Say hi to Klaine for me!"

[The song resumes.]

How could I go this far without

Singing about that promo

For next week's epic episode

In which my favorite homos

Finally do the deed, my friends?

I want it NOW, not later

But I could use these seven days

To buy a defibrillator

Raise your hand if you give a f---

About Quinn or Shelby or Puck

And keep it raised if you still care

When Sue makes jokes about Schuester's hair

Yes, it's great that Burt went and saved

The school play from being extinct

But the very last thing that "Glee" needs

Is a political plotline that stinks

Thank God for Klaine

For keeping me sane

Did you see when he grabbed his hip?

I love that what keeps this show afloat

Is actually a "ship"

"Last Friday Night"

Was oh so right

A glorious sight

Made me high as a kite

Even though that Darren

Was the one to sing

Despite having been

In Katy's thing

A stand-out scene

You know what I mean

The twirl was a dream

Cute to the extreme

Next week, our two boys

Are gonna be poised

To make some noise

For us to enjoy

[to the tune of "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)"]

Next Tuesday night,

Klaine goes all the way.

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