'American Reunion' Trailer Gets Gang Back Together

Kevin, Stifler, Finch and even Jim's dad get in on the action in latest sneak peek.

After a red-band trailer showed us just how little things have changed for Jim and Michelle and how they spend their free time, a brand-new theatrical trailer for "American Reunion" fills us in on what the rest of the gang has been up to.

And by "the rest of the gang," we mean absolutely everybody. The whole cast from the original film is back to celebrate their class reunion at East Great Falls High, even the castmembers who were missing from the third installment, 2003's "American Wedding." (We're looking at you, Chris Klein.)

The trailer finds the characters we used to know as horny high school kids well into their adult years, and not all of them are handling the change well. From the looks of the trailer, Jim and Michelle's formerly fiery sex life has taken a backseat to raising their young son, Kevin now plays homemaker, and Stifler is still Stifler. Finch coolly rides in on a motorcycle, and Jim's dad is three years' single and looking for some company.

But it wouldn't be an "American Pie" movie if things didn't get out of control, and they inevitably will. The boys promise to make the reunion "their bitch," which says more than enough for what they have planned.

Check out the trailer for an opportunity to revisit or at least catch a glimpse of all the returning characters and find hints for the shenanigans we'll see when the movie, which hits theaters in April of next year.

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