'Man Of Steel' Star Henry Cavill Grateful For 'Support'

'I think I won a lot of people over,' he tells MTV News after leaked set photos.

For the "Superman" fans out there, it's safe to say that by now, you've probably seen and overanalyzed "Man of Steel" star Henry Cavill looking all ripped and rugged in the leaked photos from the film's set.

For the most part — nitpicky casting and director complaints notwithstanding — the collective judgment that has come down via various fan sites was: "Cavill looks awesome." And no one was more relieved to hear and see those reactions than the hard-working actor in question.

When MTV News caught up with Cavill recently as he promoted his upcoming sword-and-sandals flick "Immortals," we asked for his thoughts about the constant attention paid to him and the production, as well as his reaction to the leaked photos.

"I think the best part has been recently when people have sort of seen all the work that has gone into it," Cavill said, speaking to his physical transformation. "I think I won a lot of people over, and I felt the support really come behind me, which is a really good feeling, because when you're doing this all for [the fans], telling a story for them ... you want to do it justice," he said, adding that on the particular day when the shirtless photos were snapped, he was fighting very chilly temperatures and 80 mph winds from a helicopter hovering above him.

"It's wonderful to have all the people online going, 'This is great, this is amazing, I can't wait, thank goodness it's him.' It's wonderful, so thank you to everyone out there," he said, speaking to camera. "I do appreciate it."

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