Exclusive: Digitalism Remix 'Syndicate' Theme Song

EA Games gives MTV News an exclusive preview of German house duo's remix for 2012 reboot of classic video game.

EA Games is gearing up to reboot its super successful video game franchise "Syndicate," and this time it'll be set to a pumped-up electronic dance music soundtrack. [artist id="3827427"]Skrillex[/artist]'s remix of the "Syndicate" theme song has already surfaced on the game's Facebook page, and on Tuesday, German electro-house outfit Digitalism's take on the track is set to drop as well.

For the non-gamers, next year's "Syndicate" release is a return to the classic video game series that first emerged in 1993, which allowed players to engage in assassinations and other diabolical adventures — all in an effort to advance their syndicate to the #1 spot. The upcoming 2012 version, due on February 21, will shift the point of view from fixed isometric style to first-person shooter.

And given Digitalism's origins, it seems only fitting the duo would be involved in the project: Jens "Jence" Moelle and Ismail "Isi" Tüfekçi (a.k.a. Digitalism) cite now-classic Commodore 64 video games and French house among their early influences.

" 'Syndicate' is a game classic, which is now being brought back to life," Digitalism told MTV News via email. "For us as electronic music-lovers, who grew up with games and love soundtracks, there was no way around reinterpreting the 'Syndicate' theme!

"So what we did in our WWII bunker [recording] studio was imagine being in the game, creating a fast-paced atmosphere, turning all the compressors up and mixing classic soundtrack elements with techno. We wanted to make sure it sounds dangerous, et voila, here we go."

Fans can download Digitalism's remix of the "Syndicate" theme for free on the game's Facebook page Tuesday. And you can catch Digitalism on the road again soon. After headlining the HARD Festival over the summer, the pair are set to return to the U.S. on a North American tour at the end of November, where they'll showcase cuts from their sophomore album, I Love You, Dude.