Tyga And Drake's 'Still Got It' Video Will Be 'Fly'

'I want to shoot it in Harlem, because that's just the young, fly place to be,' Tyga tells MTV News.

Tyga is still putting the finishing touches on his Young Money debut, Careless World, but now, he's less focused on finalizing the track list than getting his timing right. Because, from the sound of things, there's no shortage of material for him to choose from.

"I have productions from Cool & Dre, Pharrell; I actually produced a lot with my in-house producer, Jess Jackson," Tyga told MTV News backstage at Philadelphia's Powerhouse 2011 on Friday. "As an artist, you just know what you want to hear; it's just better to make your own sound rather than try to find a sound and add a story to it."

And despite all that, Tyga knows what's up next: shooting a video for "Still Got It," his collaboration with Drake that appeared earlier this month. But as is the case with most things these days, he's already thinking about his next move too. It's sort of an embarrassment of riches, actually.

"We're about to shoot that ['Still Got It'] video next week with Drake, and I've got another single I'm going to drop after that, with Nicki [Minaj]," he laughed. "I have a lot of good singles right now, it's just about timing."

So while he's very much looking toward the future, we had to ask Tyga about the present too — namely, that video with Drake. So what can fans expect from the clip? Well, he wasn't about to reveal all the secrets, but Tyga did say it will reflect his Young Money status by being "young and fly."

"I want to shoot it in New York ... in Harlem, because that's just the young, fly place to be in New York," he said. "I don't want to give [the plot] away, but you know, it's going to be young and fly, you feel me?"

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