'Dark Knight Rises' Takes Over Manhattan in New Set Photos

Batman makes an appearance in the cockpit of the Batwing in new pics.

Batman has returned to Gotham — New York City, that is — to film scenes from "The Dark Knight Rises" and he arrived in style. More set photos hit the Web on Monday (October 31), mostly depicting the same scenes featured in online images from last week, but with one big change. (Fans should be forewarned: there are spoilers ahead.)

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In one of the pictures published last week, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character, a beat cop named John Blake, escorts Christian Bale's Batman, who's dressed in business attire; in another, the beat cop fires a gun at some fleeing bikers. Gordon-Levitt's character has been the center of much discussion about the "Rises" plot and who the character may end up being. One rumor that continues to circulate is that John Blake may end up being Robin, the Boy Wonder, something Gordon-Levitt has remained quiet about.

The latest crop of pictures follows what is presumably the same scene but further along in the action. The riders on the motocross bikes are still driving away and jumping over cop cars, but this time the Batwing is visible. Although the Batwing has been featured in dozens of leaked set photos, the pictures posted by a user to the Superhero Hype forum are particularly interesting because they clearly show Batman in the cockpit. If that wasn't enough, he seems to be hovering above a large explosive device in the middle of the street.

It's unclear who ends up on the back of the motorcycles or what they're doing on them. Matthew Modine was on set, but there are conflicting reports on what role his character, Nixon, is playing and whether it was actually Modine's stunt double on the back of the bike.

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