Daughtry 'Wanted To Look Cool' In 'Crawling Back To You' Video

Brand-new clip — the first from Break the Spell — premiered Thursday.

When Chris [artist id="2385930"]Daughtry[/artist] was working on Break the Spell, the follow-up to his band's mega Leave This Town album, he couldn't help but feel a sense of déjà vu — especially when it came to "Crawling Back to You," one of two singles he's dropped in the weeks leading up to Spell's release. Mostly because, well, he'd heard the song a time or two before.

"It didn't make Leave This Town, and a lot of times, after being away from the songs for a good amount of time, you either go back and go, 'OK, there's a reason that didn't make the record; it's junk,' or you go, 'Man, there's something really cool about that song, but it's not quite there yet,' " he told MTV News. "And the more we listened to it, the more we were like, 'Man, it gets to that moment, and then it's a letdown.' So we realized the chorus wasn't quite right, and when I was working with [producer] Marti [Frederiksen] again for this record, we went back to it, and he goes, 'Let's try going here, man,' and I came up with the melody and that was it."

So, imbued with a new corker of a chorus, "Crawling" was released earlier this month as one of two singles (the other being "Renegade") from Daughtry's Break This Spell, due November 21. And, of course, a crusher of a single needs an appropriately killer music video too — which fans finally got to see Thursday (October 27), when the clip debuted.

"We mainly wanted to focus on a performance video. We just wanted us to look cool, basically," Daughtry laughed. "It's a cool location, the camerawork was pretty interesting, a lot of weird angles and movement and shaking of the cameras to get some really cool effects. It was the first time I've ever had a camera strapped to me ... with a harness, and I was still trying to play guitar with this device hooked to me. It was weird, but hopefully it will turn out good."

As you probably know by now, it did. That said, there were still some moments Daughtry struggled with — mainly, wearing that epic camera harness.

"Maybe it would've looked better if they had filmed me with that device the entire time," he said. "People would say, 'What the hell is that on him? I don't know, but it looks cool. I want one!' "

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