Mac Miller's 'Party On Fifth Ave.' Video Gets Old School

MC dons a geezer getup for just-released clip.

[artist id="3864891"]Mac Miller[/artist] may only be 19 years old, but the Pittsburgh MC has an old hip-hop soul.

After breaking out with his 2010 Lord Finesse-sampling "Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza," Mac returns to the classics on "Party on Fifth Ave." The ID Labs-produced song — which samples DJ Mark the 45 King's 1987 single "The 900 Number" — is the newest release from Miller's upcoming November 8 debut, Blue Slide Park. For the Rex Arrow-directed video, which premiered on on Thursday (October 27), Mac most definitely gets his grown man on.

The comedy-filled clip opens with Mac and his Most Dope crew dressed as old men lounging around before Miller, who dons a gray wig and a beard, comes up with the idea for the senior citizens to go for a joy ride. Riding atop mobility scooters, Miller and company head to the park for some adolescent mischief. The Best Day Ever MC starts off spitting, "Been around the world, I'm back, yeah I did that/ Still kick raps, that cause impact, so where my kids at?"

Mac and company carry on with a ton of childish acts. They joust with canes, do silly dances and vandalize a car with a sledgehammer, baseball bats and spray paint. For the second half of the song, the old-timers hit an after-hours club and ham for the camera doing a host of dances, like the cabbage patch, the baseball bat and a Rockettes-inspired kick-step.

In the final scene, Mac — still in his geezer getup — races a team of runners. He surprisingly bests the group of athletes, but then collapses and fakes a heart attack when he crosses the finish line. Oh, to be young again!

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