Nicki Minaj Is Most-Searched Celeb Halloween Costume

Nicki ranks fourth overall on Google list, trailing only 'Angry Birds,' 'Black Swan' and 'Playboy Bunny.'

Given that over the past year she's rocked outfits like this — and this and this — it shouldn't really come as a surprise to learn that Nicki Minaj is the year's most-searched celebrity Halloween costume, according to Google.

Minaj bested the likes of Charlie Sheen, Captain America, Smurfette (Katy Perry's gonna be pissed!) and, oddly enough, Wilfred, the titular star of F/X's oddball comedy, on the list. Overall, she ranks fourth on the list of most-searched Halloween costumes, trailing only "Angry Birds," "Black Swan" and "Playboy Bunny."

And while we can't help you with either of those three (though, really, how hard is it to dress up like a ballerina or a bunny?) over on the MTV Style Blog, there's an entire post dedicated to mimicking Minaj's looks for Halloween, including the beehived princess-of-the-future look she rocked at the 2010 VMA pre show.

And though they didn't make Google's most-searched list, the folks over at Style have also put together Halloween how-to's for Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha and Taylor Momsen. Of course, if you're broke, you could just rock one of our costume suggestions, most of which don't actually require a costume at all.

Perhaps getting herself in the Halloween spirit, earlier this month Nicki wrapped filming on the video for

href="">Birdman's latest single "Y.U. Mad," in which she dresses as Lil Wayne, donning dreadlocks, a tank top and some saggy shorts to complete the look.