Chris Brown, Josh Holloway Land On 'Planet B-Boy'

Singer, 'Lost' actor team up for Benson Lee film based on documentary.

Chris Brown is beefing up his acting résumé with a lead in the new flick "Planet B-Boy," alongside "Lost" actor Josh Holloway. The Benson Lee-directed film is based on Lee's award-winning 2007 documentary of the same name, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Production for the film kicks off this week in L.A. According to a description from studio Screen Gems, it "is about an all-star American b-boy crew training to compete in France at the Battle of the Year (BOTY) International Championships. After a decade of defeat, the crew and their coach must go up against the best and greatest b-boys in the world: the Koreans, the Russians and the French who have dominated the original American dance form for the last 10 years."

The film also stars Laz Alonso, Josh Peck and Caity Lotz. Production will eventually move to Montpellier, France.

"B-Boy" is the latest project on Brown's acting résumé, which already includes "The O.C.," "The Christmas," "Stomp the Yard" and "Takers." He's also slated to star in "Think Like a Man," based on the Steve Harvey book.

"When acting, I feel like it's cool to use your strengths, but it's also cool to use your other abilities as well," Brown told MTV News in 2010 about a Hollywood career. "I didn't just wanna do movies that had consistent dancing and singing: I wanted to do stuff that pushes me as an actor at the end of the day. Because you have people like T.I. and Common that do stuff that's not around what they do in the entertainment industry as far as music, and they succeeded.

"So I just wanna branch over to that, especially like Will Smith," he continued. "He comes from rapping and going right into the acting thing, so I wanna come from the singing parts and go into acting, and people can tell the difference. I think that with this role [in 'Takers'], it was more intense, more action, more stuff that I love to do, what I love to see in movies."