Jigsaw Tests Into MTV's Killer Halloween

'Saw' serial killer 'basically a regular guy' the audience can respect, horror expert says. So, how does he rank among movie murderers?

This week's horror-movie-themed bloodletting continues with Day 4 of MTV's Killer Halloween, an in-depth competition in which we ask you, the best and brightest fans, to vote on who is the boldest, baddest and scariest movie murderer.

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Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Chucky, Michael Myers and Ghostface all have received spotlight treatment, and now it's time to turn the focus toward a seriously scary mass-murderer: Jigsaw.


Name: John "Jigsaw" Kramer, so nicknamed for his practice of cutting puzzle pieces out of the flesh of victims who didn't "pass" his deadly tests in the "Saw" movie franchise

Occupation: Civil engineer turned sadistic self-appointed judge of others' life choices

Weapons: Practical home-improvement items found at a local Home Depot or Lowe's, along with the aid of a few helping hands here and there

Archenemy: People who waste or don't appreciate their lives, laziness

Profile: Kramer is a former civil engineer who is dying from colon cancer. After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, he suddenly gains a new appreciation for life and sets out to make others appreciate what they have before it's too late. Unfortunately, and as is standard in all good horror flicks, his methods are a bit twisted. In an effort to test his victims' survival instincts, he crafts deadly and torturous traps that play upon his captives' character flaws. He doesn't really want his victims to die, but makes it nearly impossible for them to survive.

Horror-movie expert Ryan Turek, managing editor of

target="_blank">ShockTillYouDrop.com, explains Jigsaw's

brilliance: "Behind the flayed flesh and exposed guts his messy traps leave behind, Jigsaw does have a pretty solid message to pass along:

Live your life and live it right. It's up to the people he captures to survive the blades, gears and barbed wire of his contraptions," Turek told MTV News, adding that what separates Jigsaw from other horror-movie killers is the fact that he's basically a regular guy.

"That's something that the audience can invest in and be terrified of: that lurking behind this amiable face is something incredibly deranged. That somber, withering older guy in the corner? He's quietly eyeballing you and probably has a trap waiting for you somewhere. It also helps that he's smart," Turek continued. "This is a man with an education, and to a degree, you can respect him, which is a scary thought. Jigsaw's vicious tests get the audience engaged in a discussion about right and wrong. He forces people to better themselves. I'm waiting for the day 'The Jigsaw Challenge' reality show hits television. We're not that far off, are we?"

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