Blink-182 Talk The Best (And Worst) Parts Of Touring

It's all about curling up with 'a really good UFO book,' Tom DeLonge reveals to MTV News in an exclusive backstage clip.

Blink-182 just wrapped the 10th annual Honda Civic Tour, a thoroughly epic trek with My Chemical Romance that crisscrossed the continent and featured plenty of rather amazing drum solos and, yes, even a few lasers.

It was the first time Blink had toured in the States since their raucous reunion tour in 2009, and though they had plenty of downtime in-between (you know, when they weren't working on their Neighborhoods album), anyone who made it out to the Honda Civic shows can attest to the fact that Mark, Tom and Travis didn't lose a single step.

Sure, they've been at it for a while now, but just how do the guys in Blink maintain that edge on the road? Well, as they explain in a series of exclusive backstage vignettes, their secret lies in having some really interesting reading material on hand.

"The best thing about being on tour is the end of the evening, when you know that you've performed [a] great show, you're exhausted, you take a shower, you have some kind of hot food waiting for you," Tom DeLonge said, "and you crawl into your bunk with a really, really good, cerebral UFO book, and you read about UFOs as you fall asleep."

Of course the dude reads about UFOs. And while they had a blast on the road with MCR, touring does have its share of downsides too. But what, exactly, is the biggest bummer? Watch the first of our exclusive behind-the-scenes clips to find out!

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