Panic! At the Disco Opener Patrick Stump 'Taking No Prisoners'

Ex-Fall Out Boy singer and Panic! tourmate tells MTV News his solo project has 'very punk-rock moments, very Motown moments.'

Patrick Stump might be known to many as the lead singer of Fall Out Boy, but since the band entered an indefinite hiatus nearly two years ago, Stump has been working to create a name for himself a solo artist. Currently on tour as the opening act for Panic! At the Disco, Stump is doing just that.

"I know a lot of people still haven't heard me as a solo artist,"

Stump told MTV News. "[My current] band and I are starting to get into this groove where it's like we've really proven it to the immediate people around us, so now it's just going out and taking no prisoners."

Stump has taken the approach of developing a new sound altogether on his first solo studio album, Soul Punk. He said Prince and David Bowie were two of the record's key influences.

"The record itself and the live show: It's really an uptempo R&B kind of thing," Stump said, describing his new approach. "There are some very punk-rock moments, some very Motown moments."

Already closely associated with Panic! At the Disco through Fall Out bandmate Pete Wentz's efforts at getting them signed in their early days, Stump has seen the pop-punk headliners come a long way.

"When I met them, they felt like our little brothers," Stump said, laughing. "They've long since come into their own, and it's really awesome to get to open for them."

The Panic! tour, which kicked off earlier this month, hits Richmond, Virginia, on Wednesday (October 26) and wraps up next month in Sauget, Illinois. While Stump is out to prove his validity as a solo artist, he knows there is already much to be thankful for: getting to do what he loves most for a living.

"I love being a musician," Stump said, smiling. "I write, and I play, and I think about music all the time. It's really fun to go into rooms with people who don't know what to expect."

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