Drake Bell Working On 'Big Choruses' For Next Album

'It's real poppy,' singer/actor says of follow-up to his A Reminder EP.

[artist id="1998042"]Drake Bell[/artist] may have released his A Reminder EP just this year, but that doesn't mean he isn't already hard at work on his next album.

The "Terrific" singer said that, while the logistics of when his album will drop are still up in the air, he definitely knows what he wants it to sound like.

"I've been writing a lot of songs recently with some really great songwriters," he told MTV News. "I love collaborating with other people. You just get the other ideas in the room, and the new music is sounding great. There's not a specific record, but the catalog of the material of songs is getting really great."

When asked who his dream collaborator would be, he had two names on the brain: Dr. Luke and Max Martin, hitmakers for the likes of Katy Perry and Britney Spears, to just name a few. Given his description of this next project, it seems they would be the perfect guys to get in the studio with the actor/musician.

"It's real poppy," he explained. "I've been writing with a lot of real interesting cats. A lot of the writing sessions I'm doing, we won't pick up a guitar. It's all about the big choruses but still coming from [a real place]. It's not just party music. I'm excited to hear them all finished. They're in various states right now."

In between recording sessions and acting projects, Bell kicks off a tour later this month, but his focus is still very much on this next album. "I'm looking forward to a nap," he joked. "Let's see, I'm really looking forward to going on tour and getting the band back together. ... It's gonna be fun. And getting this music recorded, finding some time to finish up this record."

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