Tyler, The Creator Gets 'Stupid' In 'BSD' Video

'I just thought it'd be funny if I ran on the beach in a wig,' Tyler tells MTV News of NSFW clip.

Due to the song's explicit nature, "B--- Suck D---" probably won't go down as [artist id="4015189"]Tyler, The Creator[/artist]'s most popular video, but it might be his funniest.

Like the VMA-winning "Yonkers," Wolf Haley directed the "BSD" clip, which premiered online October 11 and has already racked up more than a million YouTube views.

"I just wanted to make a video that's like the personality of me and my friends on a daily basis of just stupid sh--," Tyler told MTV News.

The Goblin track, which also features Odd Future members Jasper Dolphin and Taco, finds Tyler in one scene doing his best David Hasselhoff impersonation. At the start of his verse, the OFWGKTA frontman runs across a beach with no pants in an obvious "Baywatch" parody.

"I just thought it'd be funny if I ran on the beach in a wig. There wasn't that much thought put into it like any other video. I was just like, 'I want a video for "BSD," ' " he said.

Jasper is dressed in an orange tracksuit while working out for the cam; Taco, on the other hand, is in the kitchen cooking up a steak. His dish doesn't look half bad either, until Taco spits on the concoction and then sits his bare bottom atop the raw cut of beef.

"When I listen to the song, that's what comes up: Taco cookin', Jasper working out with really fat girls in a sh--ty setting and me running down a beach in slow motion not saying any of my f---ing lyrics," Tyler said.

In another scene, Tyler and his merry band of musical misfits take on rap video clichés: Jasper, Tyler and Taco ham for the camera wearing jewelry, driving toy cars and tossing money at scantily clad, overweight models grinding in the back. Instead of the expected hip-hop cameos, Tyler invited Cali skater Antwuan Dixon to kick, push on set. "I always wanted to make a normal rap video with cars and girls and money and 40 of my n---as in the background," he said. "So I emulated that at the end, but I did it my way."

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