'Arrested Development' Producer Shoots Down Script Rumors

'I've seen some of [Mitch Hurwitz's] script,' Brian Grazer says of long-awaited adaptation of Fox series.

Brian Grazer is attached to two of Hollywood's most sought-after projects with director Ron Howard: the new TV episodes and film for "Arrested Development" and the adaption of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series. Both have been in the pipelines for years but are now finally close to heading into production. MTV News asked about the films when he sat down with the producer to talk about his upcoming film "Tower Heist."

After about five years of speculation, the team behind the cult hit series "Arrested Development" announced plans to produce a short season of new episodes followed by a feature film. Grazer confirmed the plan, saying, "We're going to do 10 episodes and the movie." He also mentioned that he had seen some of the script by series creator Mitch Hurwitz but denied rumors that the plot would follow Ron Howard as he tries to make a movie based on the series' characters the Bluths.

Grazer also took time to comment on the state of the much-discussed "Dark Tower" adaptation, which was slated for a multiplatform treatment covering film and television but ran into trouble with its large budget.

"When people say no to you enough, you have to lose money, which we've done without harming the scope of the film," Grazer explained.

News recently hit the Web that the production had cut $45 million from the budget, and Grazer confirmed that figure, saying that the plan for both the TV and film versions still stands.

"We'll do the TV [version] with HBO," Grazer said, adding that the film versions have not yet found a studio home. But Grazer assured fans, saying, "We'll do it right."

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