Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg's 'High School' Soundtrack A 'Big Deal'

'I'm a fan of it, separate myself from making it. ... Can't wait,' Wiz tells Mixtape Daily.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Exclusive

Sure, Wiz Khalifa was only 5 years old when Snoop Dogg first stepped onto the scene as a guest on Dr. Dre's 1992 classic "Deep Cover," but the two cannabis-loving MCs won't let their respective ages get in the way of collaboration. Wiz and Snoop will star alongside each other in the upcoming Dylan Brown-directed stoner comedy [article id="1655453"]"Mac and Devin Go to High School"[/article] as well as on its smoked-out soundtrack.

Mixtape Daily caught up with the Doggfather and Khalifa on the set for [article id="1672930"]"Young, Wild and Free,"[/article] the soundtrack's official first single, and got the scoop on the rest of the LP.

"We got the homey Juicy J on the soundtrack, we got Curren$y on the soundtrack, but mainly it's just me and Dogg," Wiz revealed.

Overall, Khalifa is just hyped up to work with one of his idols. They linked on Wiz's "Black & Yellow" remix, Snoop's "This Weed Iz Mine," as well as a bunch of underground songs like "That Good" and "French Inhale."

"It's a real big deal because nobody's done it like that as far as a veteran in the game, an OG, a pioneer and then the newest, youngest, most exciting dude in rap coming through and really just giving people a complete project," Wiz said. "I'm a fan of it, separate myself from making it, [I'm] a huge fan of it. Can't wait."

As far as the musical vibe of the soundtrack, a laidback Snoop tried his best to describe it. "It's something to relax you and get you through the day; it's some real good music. The music is quality, I don't even have no title for it, as far as what kinda music is it, it's centric, it's ...," Dogg said searching for the right words before his partner-in-rhyme lent a hand.

"Eclectic," Wiz chimed in.

"Yeah, that's probably what it is," Snoop finished.

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