Justin Bieber Leaves Tyler, The Creator 'Starstruck'

Odd Future MC dreams of crafting a '90s-R&B-style beat for JB.

It may be a stretch to call Tyler the Creator a Belieber, but the Odd Future maestro is a definite [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] fan.

"I met Justin back in February. He's a cool kid and sh--," Tyler told MTV News. "When I got in there, he was talkin' about the 'Yonkers' video and sh--. It was weird, because I was sitting here starstruck, like, 'Oh, f---, it's Bieber. He's asking me questions.' I'm like, 'Shut the f--- up so I can talk to you.' "

The outspoken rapper/producer may not have been able to get a word in edgewise, but he isn't deterred: He still has dreams of crafting a track for the Biebs. So is the OFWGKTA terror going pop? Not exactly.

"I just want to make '90s R&B, like break beats, hard drums with pretty chords and sh--," Tyler said of the type of track he'd make for Justin. "I really want to do that. Like, I be listening to Brandy or the first three Mary J. [Blige] albums and sh-- and Faith [Evans] and Zhané and sh--. That sh-- is awesome."

Bieber is no stranger to hip-hop. On top of collaborating with [article id="1646789"]Kanye West and Raekwon on a remix of "Runaway Love,"[/article] his upcoming [article id="1672767"]holiday album features Busta Rhymes[/article]. On their version of "Little Drummer Boy," Bieber's rap alter ego, Shawty Mane, even gets in on the action. "If you really think about it, it's genius, because it's rapping on a Christmas album ... and, like, I'm rapping on it. And then it's singing," he explained to us during the "MTV First" premiere of his "Mistletoe" video. "It's cool. [Busta's] got, like, a percussive voice to him [and] the beat was so crazy."

The Wolf Gang's knack for pushing the envelope and risqué content may make him and the Biebs an odd match. On October 11, Tyler released a video for "BSD," a sexually explicit track from his Goblin LP and on the same day sent this tweet: "This Video Prolly F---ed Over My Chances Of Ever Working With Bieber. F--- It."

Even if he doesn't get to work with Justin, Tyler's still a fan. "He's chill as f---, though," Tyler said.