Rihanna's 'We Found Love' Video Sets Tone For Talk That Talk

Clip 'sets up the imagery for the album and [is] in line with what they're doing,' director Melina Matsoukas tells MTV News.

Rihanna always seems willing to try something new from album to album when it comes to her image, vision and style. She's been urban chic, pop-star light and dark and edgy. It seems that her Talk That Talk phase will see the singer looking more natural while also trying her hand at punk couture.

The video for "We Found Love" certainly launches a whole new stage for the chameleonlike performer. In it, Rihanna plays a gutter punk addicted to her beau and to drugs. The clip is a montage of the darkness that results when two people, possessed by one another and their personal demons, come together, eventually having to separate or fall apart. The story also comes to life with a specific aesthetic and color scheme: lots of high-end punk and rockabilly looks done up in denim and Americana hues.

The clip serves as the lead image for the November 21 album, and its director, Melina Matsoukas, says that she's excited she got to help set the tone for the highly-anticipated release and hopes that the two will work a bit more on it.

"I mean, we'll see. There's definitely some more music coming out and I'm sure we'll do some more collaborating. I definitely would love to," she told MTV News. "I'm excited that I got to do the first one off her new album, the first single. I've never done that, so that was good."

Matsoukas tells us that from her understanding, the vibe of the video fits in with the Talk That Talk packaging. "I think it sets up definitely the imagery for the album and it's in line with what they're doing," she said. "So that's good, and I'm sure there's plenty more, hopefully. I'm not sure, but [we'll see]. She called me after, and she loves it and I love it."