Drake And Lil Wayne's 'The Real Her' Leaks Online

It is unclear if the track will appear on Drizzy's upcoming Take Care.

[artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist]'s Take Care is finally complete. After a short delay that moved his original release date from October 24 to November 15, Drizzy handed the final cut into the label Wednesday and is now gearing up to promote his sophomore album.

Last week, Drake dropped "Make Me Proud," his new single featuring Nicki Minaj, and on Thursday night, another possible Take Care track hit the Internet. Though it wasn't posted on his October's Very Own blog like previous album singles "Headlines" and "Marvins Room," the brand-new "The Real Her," featuring [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist], made waves online.

As of now, it is unclear whether the slow and sultry track, on which Drake sings throughout, will appear on Take Care. It begins with a start-and-stop piano intro, then about eight bars in, Drizzy starts to sing, "People around you should really have nothing to say/ Me I'm just proud of the fact that you've done it your way."

The song's bridge connects "The Real Her" to Drake's classic "Houstatlantavegas" from his 2009 So Far Gone mixtape. He softly croons, "Houston girls love the way it goes down, Atlanta girls love the way it goes down, Vegas girls love the way it goes down," drawing a distinct parallel to the song that Drake said inspired the story line on Take Care.

"It was a world that was very much real to me, but I created it in my mind. It was a world that, being a kid from Toronto, I used to look at from the outside and I used to be like, 'Man that looks crazy,' " he told MTV News of the fictional city Houstatlantavegas. "All those strip clubs and all those nightclubs and the drinks and the girls and the fame."

In his quest to find something real in a superficial world of fast love and even faster heartbreak, Drake invites Lil Wayne to rap about his experiences with the fairer sex. " 'Cause to her I'm just a rapper and soon she'll have met another/ And if tonight was just an accident, tomorrow we'll recover," Weezy spits in almost a spoken-word flow.

The five-minute-plus song ends with no resolve, instead closing out with the hook, on which Drake charges, "You must've done this before, this can't be your first time." And the hunt for Ms. Right goes on.

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