Justin Bieber Hopes To Shoot A Movie By Summer

His team is already 'working on the script,' Bieber tells MTV News.

Although most of [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist]'s time revolves around his music career (he has not one, but two albums in the works), the young entrepreneur also seems to have designs on a career in Hollywood.

Yes, he already hit the big screen with last year's box-office success "Never Say Never," but that film was unscripted and a biopic of sorts. When MTV News caught up with Bieber recently during the "MTV First" premiere of his "Mistletoe" video, he revealed that although he has a lot on his plate, he wants to make time to make a movie.

"What's happening is: get off this tour, and then my [holiday] album's coming out, so I have to go back out and promote that album ... and then after that ... it's almost time for my next album, so then everything starts over again," Bieber told us. "Hopefully next summer I can start on a movie or something," he snuck in.

And although Bieber didn't divulge exactly what kind of movie he wants to do, he did say that his team is "working on the script."

The 17-year-old teen heartthrob has expressed an interest in pursuing an acting career, particularly after he guest-starred on "CSI" last year, where he received praise from the show's executive producer and managed to impress everyone in the cast with his work ethic.

Bieber has also said he'd love to try out his comedic skills. "[I want] to do a comedy with Will Ferrell, like play his son or something like that," Bieber said, adding, "What's up, Will?"

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