Lloyd Downplays Irv Gotti Insult

'I don't really feel affected by the comments that were made towards me,' Lloyd tells MTV News of 'RapFix Live' comments.

When Irv Gotti appeared on "RapFix Live" on October 5, he joked that he has no filter. And when the subject of his former Murder Inc. artist Lloyd came up, Gotti didn't hold back, saying he had "no love" for the R&B singer.

Lloyd, however, took the high road when asked about his old boss. "I haven't been in that situation for years now," said Lloyd, who has since moved to Interscope Records. "I think that what don't break us, makes us, and people throw stones a lot, but I don't live in a glass house. I don't really feel affected by the comments that were made towards me."

The Atlanta vocalist, who recently dropped his fourth LP, King of Hearts, is now working with producer Polow da Don on his Zone 4 label and his happy about his musical progress, even if he isn't enjoying the same sales success, as Irv pointed out.

"It wasn't a problem; me leaving was creative," he said about his departure from the Inc. "It was a conflict of creative interest. It was me wanting to make music; it wasn't me wanting to do anything more or less."

It doesn't seem that Lloyd's former labelmates Ashanti and Ja Rule share Irv's sentiment. Back in April, both performed alongside the "You" singer when he opened for Diddy in New York. "It kinda deaded a lot of unnecessary rumors about my feelings towards people and my relationship with people," Lloyd told MTV News of that show in particular. "I'm really happy about that concert."

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