'Hunger Games' Star Jennifer Lawrence A 'Powerful Person'

'Like Crazy' co-star Anton Yelchin saw Lawrence 'transform' into Katniss Everdeen at the gym.

We'd heard "Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence talk about the intensity of her workouts to prepare for the role of the arrow-slinging reluctant warrior Katniss Everdeen. And we'd heard director Gary Ross brag on his star's behalf, using phrases like "intensely physical," "physically demanding" and "very rigorous" to describe Lawrence's training program.

But the Oscar-nominated actress' physical transformation into the District 12 tribute didn't really hit home until we checked out the "Hunger Games" teaser footage we debuted in August at the MTV Video Music Awards. We just didn't know what to expect. Her "Like Crazy" co-star Anton Yelchin, however, knew exactly what was coming. Months after their romantic drama premiered at Sundance (and walked away with the Grand Jury Prize), the duo ended up at the same gym, prepping for the next steps in their cinematic careers.

"I was training for a film called 'Odd Thomas' that I was doing at the same gym Jen was training [at for] the bow stuff and all the running," Yelchin told MTV News recently. "I got to see her and talk to her. I think she's amazing, and she's a good friend of mine."

And after checking out the "Hunger Games" teaser, Yelchin had firsthand knowledge of what it took for Lawrence to become Katniss. He was impressed, but not surprised.

"When I saw Jen, it was different kinds of physical training she was going through, like running training," he said. "She's such a powerful person. She can do anything she puts her mind to. If she needs to transform for something, she'll transform. If she needs to learn how to kill you with the bow, she'll do that. She'll do anything she needs to do."

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