'Sherlock Holmes 2' Trailer Reveals Rachel McAdams, Moriarty

'A Game of Shadows' appears to pick up where the action-packed, bromantic original began.

As far as sensational, buzzworthy trailers go, Robert Downey Jr. is on a roll. He's been a prominent fixture in two of the most talked-about teasers from two of the most anticipated films.

The first trailer is for "The Avengers," which Marvel and Disney rolled out last week, and the second is for Guy Ritchie's bromantic "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows," which hit the Interwebs on Wednesday (October 19).

This second trailer is all about upping the action and mystery. It opens with the voice of new leading lady Sim, played by Noomi Rapace. "What do you see?" she asks Dr. Holmes (Downey Jr.), to which he replies "Everything," as we are then shown quick cuts of what are likely pieces of the second film's big mystery. There are dancing couples in a glamorous ballroom (including Sim and Holmes) at some grand party, a game of chess, a possible crime scene with a pile of wreckage in the center, bullet holes in the walls, cocked pistols and — gasp! A shot of Rachel McAdams' shifty lady thief Irene Adler walking somewhere with haste and some sort of precious parcel. The last shot in the opening montage is a glimpse at Jared Harris as evil-ish Moriarty looking out from behind super-secret spy glasses (not really, he's just holding a lorgnette — those fancy glasses people use at the opera).

"That is my curse," Holmes says, a bookend to our introductory 20 seconds or so, before Ritchie kicks the action into high gear and packs the remaining two minutes and seven seconds with explosions, running, shooting, etc. — basically, Holmes and Watson (Jude Law) are up to their old tricks.

"Oh, how I've missed you, Holmes," Watson says to his friend.

"Have you? I've barely noticed your absence," Holmes answers back in a passive-aggressive tone, pretending not to have missed his best friend.

This brief exchange is followed by more quick cuts of exotic locations and Watson's wedding and an introduction to bad guy Moriarty.

"What are we up against here?" Watson asks Holmes.

"The most formidable criminal mind in Europe," Holmes says.

"Professor James Moriarty," Watson says, reading his name from Holmes' notes somewhere.

"If we can stop him, we can prevent the collapse of Western civilization," Holmes adds dramatically, before an explosion erupts in the background. "No pressure."

This is followed by more running, bullets flying, a slow-motion cat-and-mouse chase in the snow, banter with lady Sim, as well as a few Holmes and Watson moments, including one in which the former suddenly appears dressed in drag.

"What?" Watson says when he encounters Holmes as a lady.

"I agree it's not my best disguise," Holmes counters.

Finally there are more quick cuts of action, much of which looks to be set on a moving train that later explodes, along with a brief but passionate kiss between former lovers Holmes and Adler.

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