Taylor Swift Teases 'Surprise Projects' For 2012

Beyond her new album, singer tells MTV News she might act next year.

The new year might still be a few months off, but the always-ambitious Taylor Swift is already cooking up some big projects for 2012. With her new album, full of "sad"

songs, already in the planning stages, Swift excitedly dished that it's not the only big thing she has up her sleeve for next year.

Her arena-filling, celeb-frequented Speak Now Tour continues chugging along through the early part of 2012, and her perfume, Wonderstruck, is now out on the market, giving fans the chance to smell like the pop star. But, Swift is also making time for some other projects she thinks will have her fans excited.

The singer told MTV News she's working on "some surprise projects that may or may not happen, and possibly some acting."

"I've just been so excited about what's gonna happen in the next year," she said. "I'm also really excited about [the next album]. I've been writing all the time. I've been writing so much for the new record. I can't believe I'm saying that already: It comes out in a year, but I'm already excited about it."

Before we officially ring in the new year, Swift shared that she's looking forward to the tail end of 2011, with the holidays and her 22nd birthday still to celebrate. "I'm excited about the holidays,"

she said. "I love Christmas. I love the whole buildup to Christmas and the way that everything is exciting and wintergreen-ish and Christmas tree-ish."

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