Zachary Quinto 'Grateful' For Support After Coming Out

'Star Trek' actor tells MTV News the response has been 'enormously supportive — universally, unanimously supportive.'

Since Zachary Quinto pronounced himself a "gay man" in a New York magazine interview and then took to his blog to pen an explanation about his decision to come out, the "Star Trek" actor has been overwhelmed by the positive response across the Web.

"It's been enormously supportive — universally, unanimously supportive," he told MTV News on Monday morning (October 17) while promoting his Wall Street drama "Margin Call." "I'm really grateful for that."

Quinto explained that the recent suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer, a young teen who was the victim of gay bullying, made him realize that he could no longer live a gay life without acknowledging in public that he was, in fact, gay. From the timelines of Twitter to the comments section on his blog, the response to his announcement has been supportive. "I admire your courage for looking inside yourself and realizing what kind of real power you have for making a difference," one commenter on his blog wrote.

While the actor has been an outspoken advocate on gay issues in the past, recording an "It Gets Better" video last fall, Quinto told us he's now looking forward to diving more fully into the ever-evolving conversation about teen sexuality and bullying.

"I feel like I made that declaration so that I can be a part of this conversation moving forward," he told us. "I did it in my own time, on my own terms, in my own words. That's exactly the way that I wanted to do it, and I'm really proud of that. When the time is right to continue the conversation forward, I certainly will do that. That's why I took those steps in the first place."