Justin Bieber Caught 'Christmas Spirit' In 'Mistletoe' Video

'Mistletoe' video premieres tomorrow at 7:54 p.m. ET/PT on MTV, with in-depth live stream to follow on MTV.com.

SANTIAGO, ChileJustin Bieber faced plenty of challenges when he shot his "Mistletoe" video, the least of which was the fact that he did it in September, in Tennessee, with fake snow cascading down from the sky. The way he tells it, the biggest obstacle was not even being weirded out by Santa.

"It was different because, like, it's a Christmas video, so you gotta get your Christmas spirit on," Bieber told MTV News backstage in Santiago, Chile, where he played to 55,000 screaming fans on Saturday. "We had Santa there. He was kind of interesting because he had this finger that would light up, but I never knew that, so he would come up to me randomly and pointed at me and his finger lit up and it was really strange. I was like, 'Santa doesn't do that, my friend.' "

Of course, Bieber was quick to add that despite the awkward interaction, he remains decidedly pro-Santa, since "he gets kids in the holiday spirit."

Bieber's "Mistletoe" video will make its world premiere Tuesday at 7:54 p.m. on MTV — with a special live stream to follow on MTV.com, where we'll roll out more of our interview with him! — and on Monday (October 17), he released the song to iTunes. He's rather proud of how both turned out, because he got to collaborate with two of his favorites: director Roman White and the production team known as the Messengers.

"[Roman] can tell a story really well, so we wanted to use him," Bieber explained. "He shot the 'One Less Lonely Girl' video, and I thought he did a great job; he shot the 'You Belong [With] Me' video with Taylor Swift, and he had a lot of great experience and a lot of great work.

"[And] Nasri [one member of the Messengers team], he's really intelligent, he can tell a story as well, Christmas, anything," he continued. "So we were thinking of doing a Christmas album last year, we never really got to it. And this year I was like, 'This year I really want to do it,' so we collaborated on some ideas and sure enough, we got some great Christmas music. ... I think I have a few classics on the album, I really, really do. I think that there's some songs on there that are so catchy and everyone's going to want to sing them every Christmas."

Catch the premiere of Justin Bieber's "Mistletoe" video Tuesday, October 18, at 7:54 p.m. on MTV, with a full interview to follow on MTV.com.