'Avengers' Trailer: 'Walking Dead' Creator Weighs In

Robert Kirkman tells MTV News, 'I don't know how this movie doesn't make 10 trillion dollars.'

Two days have passed since the first trailer for "Marvel's The Avengers" burst its way online, and we still can't get enough. From our own analysis of the trailer to commentary from assorted movie and comic book experts, we here at MTV News remain insatiable in our appetite for all things "Avengers."

It's a good thing we're not alone. Writer Robert Kirkman, creator of the "Walking Dead" comic books and executive producer of the AMC television series, is just as enamored with Earth's Mightiest Heroes as we are — though he does have a few bones to pick with the first trailer.

Kirkman, who is celebrating both the arrival of his first "Walking Dead" prose novel and the return of the television series this week, sat down with MTV News to take a big bloody bite out of the "Avengers" trailer. See what he had to say in our video, and read on for more of his thoughts.

Loki's Arrival

Tom Hiddleston returns to the Marvel Universe as the trickster god Loki, this time terrorizing not just Thor, but his brother's new earthly companions as well. But there's something about his arrival in this first trailer that Kirkman thinks is a little bit off.

"Loki's hanging out in [some kind of alien chamber], and I don't know ... there are guys showing up, and he's in this thing that's not quite a prison cell, but he's not in Asgard," the writer said. "He's standing there, but he's not really doing anything. Then these guys show up, and he's like, 'I'm going to stab you!' And didn't these guys know he was going to stab them? I don't know!"

Getting Ready

As the threat facing Earth grows increasingly apparent, Agent Coulson asks his supervisor, Nick Fury, what they need to do next. "We get ready," is Fury's stoic reply — a reply that doesn't sit right with Kirkman.

"Look, I'm very excited about this movie, and I think this trailer is very good, but is there not a better line than, 'We get ready'?" he said. "Like, 'What do we do now?' 'Well, we get ready! We're going to put our shoes on and go do some stuff!' I don't get that. I'm sorry. I'm sure it's going to be a fantastic movie, but I wish there had been a better line there, like, 'We're going to get these mother----ing superheroes off of this mother----ing planet.' I don't know. That would have been better ... probably not appropriate, though!"

Widow's Pose

Scarlett Johansson's infamous pose in front of a massive explosion has had fans scratching their heads for some weeks now, and the "Avengers" trailer did little to explain her calm demeanor in the thick of the action. Kirkman, also confused, doesn't seem to mind the shot: "There's a thing exploding behind her, so clearly she's in a fight or something, but she's just standing there looking pretty — which is great!"

Iron Man Sparkles in the Sunlight

Even though most of the Avengers have had their chance to shine in their very own movies, there's little debate that Iron Man remains the feather in Marvel Studios' cap. Ol' Shellhead is featured prominently throughout the "Avengers" trailer, often seen blasting off over the iconic New York City skyline. Kirkman was more than pleased to see the wealth of Iron Man action, so much so that he feels the red-and-gold hero could be put to good use in other movies.

"I think you could put Iron Man in almost any movie, and I would go see it," he said with a laugh. "Like, the new 'Twilight' movie. I'm not really into that stuff, but if you put Iron Man flying in the new 'Twilight' movie, I'm totally going to go see that movie!"

Stark's Facial Hair

Still, if there's one critique Kirkman has for Tony Stark, it's the billionaire industrialist's goatee. The eternally bearded Kirkman knows a thing or two about facial hair, and he simply does not approve of Stark's look.

"If you look at the way that goatee is designed, people are going to get that tattooed on their backs at some point," he predicted. "It looks like some kind of weird tribal spaceship design or something. It irks me."

Rocket Launched

Already sold on the "Avengers" trailer, Kirkman's enthusiasm for the superhero flick only grew at the sight of Nick Fury wielding a rocket launcher. Easily one of the standout scenes of the trailer, Fury's explosive appearance nevertheless struck Kirkman as a bit unnecessary — and a lot awesome.

"You don't need to have Samuel L. Jackson shooting a rocket launcher," he reasoned. "That's not necessary. This already looks like a good movie, and I'm probably going to see it anyway. But at the point that Samuel L. Jackson shoots a rocket launcher, I think to myself, 'I'm probably going to see this movie twice.' "

Hulked Out

Another immediate selling point for Kirkman? The trailer's final shot, which gives us our first look at Mark Ruffalo's Jade Giant.

"'Oh, by the way, the Incredible Hulk is also in this movie.' Which, to me, is ridiculous," Kirkman said, laughing. "How much money do you want to spend on this movie? You got us! To add the Hulk on top of that, I don't know how this movie doesn't make 10 trillion dollars. I think James Cameron's going to have a hard time topping this one's box office when he comes back to do his next movie."

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